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      1. 腾龙国际度假酒店


        简介: 从这些结构里,我感到自己的渺小和微不足道,在那里,没有世俗的想法---我们和它们之间有一个神圣光明与阴暗的和谐,在显示着所有的细节和空间的美,为此使我内心安宁和兴奋。没有人比他更讲究空间光影,更注重建筑带来的直觉感知与体验。他的水彩草图美不胜...





               From these structures, I feel myself small and insignificant, there is no earthly idea --- a sacred harmony of light and dark between them and us , is showing the beauty of the details and display space , this makes me peaceful and excited. No one has paid more attention to shadow space than him, focusing on intuition and experience that building brought. His beautiful watercolor sketches, his poetic architecture , seductive and more nourishing the heart.