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      1. 顶级酒店


        简介: 在时尚之都的市中心享受满目的苍翠,清新的空气和绝对的静谧,具有低调沉静的氛围和浓厚的艺术气息,室内采用灰色时尚风格,点缀的黄色使得整个空间不显得单调,天花的角线在暖黄色的灯光照射下奢华凸现,艺术家具与时尚灯具相互映衬,格外闪耀。享受着这份静...





               Enjoying the stretch of green , fresh air and absolute quiet in the fashion capital of the city center, has a low-key atmosphere and quiet strong art, interior fashion style with gray, dotted yellow color makes the whole space not monotonous, ceiling corners line in the warm yellow light showed with luxury highlights, art furniture and fashion lighting lighten off each other, particularly shining. Enjoying the quiet, the influence of the strong art,is a simple kind of pleasure.